G Suite (formally Google Apps) editions comparison

Are you trying to decide which version of G Suite (formally is Google Apps) to sign up for? Or maybe you’re considering upgrading from your current version to one that offers more features. In this blog we will be discussing on the differences between various editions of G Suite / Google Apps.

There are three editions of Google Apps so far, they are:

  • G Suite Business (includes G Suite for Education)
  • G Suite Basic (includes special editions for nonprofits and government agencies)
  • Legacy free edition of Google Apps


G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Messaging: Gmail, Calendar, Contacts
Storage and collaboration: Drive, Docs, Hangouts
Web forums and shared inboxes: Groups for BusinessX
Email and document search, email retention: VaultX *X
Other Google services: Blogger, YouTube, and more

* Google Vault is available with G Suite Basic as a paid add-on.

Usage and support

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Maximum number of usersUnlimitedUnlimited10 – 10000
Email, document, photo storage per userUnlimited *30 GB15 GB
99.9% uptime guarantee
24/7 phone support
Priority email supportX **

* G Suite Business accounts with 4 or fewer users get 1 TB per user.

** Any purchased accounts at ggappsfree.com will get 24/7 email support.

Your company brand

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Your custom email address (you@yourcompany.com)
Your www address in Google Sites (www.yourcompany.com)X
Gmail ads turned off
Addresses at multiple domains (you@company2.com) *

* By default the legacy free edition of Google Apps only supports domain aliases, not secondary domains. However, at ggappsfree.com we can adding secondary domains and making your domain as primary.

Security and business controls

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Password monitoring and strength control
2-step verification
Single Sign On (SSO)
Enforced SSL connections
User-managed security keysX
Domain-wide admin managed security keysXX
Mobile device management *X
Mobile audit**XX
Advanced Drive auditing and reportsXX
Advanced Drive administrator controlsXX
Data-loss prevention **XX

* Some Mobile Device Management features (like Device Owner) are not available in G Suite for Education and can be purchased.

** Not available in G Suite for Education

Contacts, lists, and groups

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Mailing lists (admin controlled)
Mailing lists (user controlled)X
Global directory (internal contacts)
Global directory (external contacts)X
Forums and collaborative inboxesX

Access options

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Supported web browsers
Mobile phones and tablets
Offline mail and Docs editors
Voice and video chat
IMAP and POP mail programs
Microsoft Outlook®

Data import (mail, contacts, calendars)

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Migrate data using the Admin consoleX
Single-user import from Microsoft Outlook
Email import from webmail host
Multi-user import from Microsoft ExchangeX
Multi-user import from IBM® Notes®X

Enterprise sync options

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Sync user data with your LDAP serverX
Use Exchange Calendar with G SuiteX

Email usage

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Email storage (shared with documents and photos)Unlimited *30 GB15 GB
Attachment size limit25 MB25 MB25 MB
Maximum recipients per message500500500
Maximum recipients/day per user (outside your domain)3,0003,000500

* G Suite Business or G Suite for Education accounts with fewer than 5 users get 1 TB per user

Email security and business controls

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Junk email filtering and virus blocking
Gmail ads turned off
Custom filtering and content policiesX
Email retention policiesX
IP address whitelistingX
User-managed blacklistsX
Enforced compliance footersX
Email/IM search, retention, eDiscovery (Google Vault)X *X

* Google Vault is available with G Suite Basic as a paid add-on.

Administrative controls

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Option to disable IMAP/POP accessX

Other email delivery options

G Suite BusinessG Suite BasicFree (legacy)
Catch-all address
Email routing (user and domain level)X
Inbound gatewayX
Outbound gateway (for entire domain)X
Outbound relay server (for alternative From: addresses)
Receive mail from multiple POP addresses (Mail Fetcher)

So far we have discussed various editions of Google Apps which are G Suite Business, G Suite Basic, Google Apps legacy. We discovered their features & the differences between these four Google Apps Editions. At ggappsfree.com, We make Google Apps Free/legacy Available ! We will set your own domain as Primary Domain and start using Google Apps legacy on your own domain for free for life. Let’s choose yours edition !

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