Add secondary Domain(s) in Google Apps Free account

* Updated November 2019: We still have another method to be able to add the secondary domain to G Suite Legacy accounts (Name before: Google Apps Standard, Google Apps Legacy, Google Apps Free Edition accounts). That means, this service still continues.

The secondary domain will allow you to create separate email ids with the separate domain name. So, if you have and added as the secondary domain in your account, you will be able to create two separate email ids, i.e. jerry@ and jhon@ – which is something you won’t be able to do with Domain Alias.

From March 15th, 2016 Google has updated, you can’t add the secondary domain in Google Apps (G Suite) Free / Legacy / Standard account anymore. But I found a secret method that can still add the secondary domain in your Google Apps (G Suite) Free / Legacy / Standard account.

I will help you add the secondary domain for your Google Apps Free Edition account (G Suite Standard).

Notes :

  • The process of adding your domain to the Google Apps account will be done by us.
  • If you are not comfortable with providing your own super admin login, don’t share it, instead, create a new temp user for me and give it Super Admin Privilege so that I can do this work. In this way I will not have access to any other account but the temp one you have created for me.
  • Please write your domain name(s) separated by a comma that will be set as the secondary domain at checkout form.
  • Please add your domain an alias and verify your domain before ordering and send me a super admin account (you can create a temporary super admin account).
  • Our technician will process your order and update information to you within 4 hours after payment. If you do not see the message in your inbox, please check the Spam / Junk section.
  • Please make sure that your account hasn’t changed the primary domain before. We will not responsible in case your account can’t downgrade back to the legacy-free account (The reason is Google disabled downgrade back to legacy-free edition for the account which has already been changed the primary domain). 

Please visit our FAQs page before you continue.